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5 Details That Can Sabotage Your Job Search

5 Details That Can Sabotage Your Job Search

First an apology. We updated our blog to the latest version of wordpress this week which resulted in our most recent posts being resent to all our subscribers. Opps, sorry it was an accident and not because we thought our content was good enough to read twice;)

It got me thinking about the simple mistakes job seekers make which sabotage their chances. The smallest of details can wipe out all of your good intentions and hard work.

Here are some of the most common:

  1. No contact details on your CV. This seems to happen most frequently on those CVs posted onto job boards. As your contact information is entered elsewhere its easier to miss them off. The trouble is most CVs get separated from the board profile or covering letter, so make sure every page has your contact info with at least a mobile or email address in the footer.

  2. No name or number on a voicemail. Sometimes we assume the person will recognise our voice. The reality is,with the volume of connections Recruiters have, that’s not always the case. Also some voicemails are so difficult to listen to, many give up trying to decipher and wait for you to call back. Speak slowly, clearly and leave your name and number.

  3. Wacky email addresses or musical personal voicemail messages. This week I was dumbstruck when I read an article on a 19yr old’s job search. She had gone out of her way to promote herself, had dressed smartly, got the attention of the media, then in the last line asked potential employers to email her at It’s not appropriate and sends the wrong message. Like asking for donations to an animal charity and using the web address, why would you? Also Rap maybe your music of choice, (I quite like the Beastie Boys hence the title / picture) but using it instead of a voicemail answering message, on a number you are giving out professionally, is also not the best way to draw attention.

  4. Being Late. Time is a commodity for all of us, we don’t like to waste it. Double standards do apply and many times a Recruiter may over run, yet as a candidate even 5 mins will reflect on your planning and potential attitude.

  5. The littlest of details: dirty shoes, bad spelling and use of over familar language (love, dear, babe, etc.)

Getting the basics right may seem such a small simple thing but time and again mistakes happen. The trouble is in jobsearch they may have big consequences.

So check the details and check again.

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Sarah Cooper has over 14 years Recruitment experience gained in both an internal and agency environment. As one of the founding Directors of McGinnis Loy Ltd, specialist Finance and HR Recruiters, she is still actively recruiting in the marketplace today. Follow her tweets @approachmarket

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