Back In The Swing? No Motivation Needed

Back In The Swing? No Motivation Needed

This week is tough for most of us. The first week back in routine after a holiday.


Just getting up at the right time and getting the kids off to school before even making it into the office seems monumental to me.

I devise mind tricks with treats to ease myself into productivity: cake if I manage my in-box, a few chapters of the novel I have on the go if I finish this post. Its not all successful. I’m not 100% back tweeting, I’m putting on weight and this intro is taking much longer than usual…


Its hard for those who are going back into roles they have come to loathe (proving that absence does not always back the heart grow fonder) and particularly difficult for those out of work facing the sting of reality with nothing to go back to.

Yet whatever the circumstances, isn’t motivation the cure all we are pedaled?
As usual at this time of year we are hit with articles and posts on goal setting, resolutions and self help positive thinking techniques.
I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t want to be happy, realise a dream, attain their goals or find their direction. No wonder “happy” is such a huge industry by itself, of which a large part focuses upon ‘motivation’ .


I’m not throwing it out. I continue on my own quest.  I admit to feeling calmer when having identified clear smart objectives and the sense of energy to achieve them.  I have also listed some links at the end to some great pieces which can inspire resolution and goal setting and attainment for a successful 2011.


It’s just that in all my reading this holiday period one article really resonated with me.
Oliver Burkeman author of “Help! How To Become Slightly Happier And Get A Bit More Done”  wrote a piece in January’s Psychologies magazine. He pointed out that we probably all try to address procrastination by using tricks to find the ‘right motivated’ frame of mind. He quoted a mood expert Julie Fast:
” The belief that you need to feel motivated turns into an additional barrier.”
That you should not wait until you ‘want to do’ something you should just get on and do it.
Some posts to check out to set those goals in 2011:
Top 25 Job Seeker’s New Years Resolutions of 2011 from Phil Rosenberg at Re Careered
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Should Or Must from Lee Cooper at The Recruiter’s Little Black Book


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