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‘eLearning – Stand out in the Job Market Crowd

‘eLearning – Stand out in the Job Market Crowd

The current employment climate ensures that job candidates have it tougher than ever. The recession is arguably still with us, unemployment isn’t going away, and many jobs are moving abroad.


It was in this context that Innovate CV TV spoke to Femi Yusoof, Partnership Manager at Sarina Russo Job Access. As you can see from the video, we discussed a range of issues with the recruitment champion and job search specialist.



Given the competitiveness of today’s job market, we naturally asked Femi what he think job seekers can do to make themselves a far more attractive candidate.


With barely a pause – after all, he’s consulted many on the issue – Femi launches into a discussion on continual professional development. One can, and should, constantly be updating one’s personal arsenal of professional skills.


How best to do so? Femi a vocal advocate of eLearning. Online education is an arena, he argues, with tremendous opportunity for job seekers.


A report by the Ambient Insight Research suggests that in 2009, 44 per cent of post-secondary students in America were taking some or all of their courses online, and projected that this figure would rise to 81 per cent by 2014. Europeans aren’t bucking the trend, with the EU estimates the eLearning industry worth 38 billion euros.


Why has eLearning become such a popular method of education, and why does Femi advocate the practice as an effective job seeking tool?


-          Effective Learning: while the effectiveness of the eLearning experience will vary from institute to institute and from course to course, eLearning is becoming increasingly respected as a method of education. The US Department of Education’s study into the effectiveness of eLearning concluded: “students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction”. While the findings are being debated, the report was an astounding endorsement for online education.


-          Convenience: A wide array of professional courses, with varying levels of qualification, can be completed in a relative short time, in the comfort of one’s own home (or coffee shop!). The level of the pace of learning can generally be controlled, within reason, to the user’s lifestyle.


-          Competitive Advantage: Attaining any new professional skills will help enable a job seeker to stay ahead of the competition. But even if the skills one has attained through eLearning do not directly correlate with the job opportunity, the mere record of extensive independent learning demonstrates a candidate’s initiative and willingness to learn.


-          Gap Closer: One of the greatest risk a candidate faces is the dreaded CV-gap. Regardless of the gap’s reason for being -  examples include health matters, travelling or personal issues – recruiters and employers are known to raise an eyebrow. Online courses are terrific CV gap-closers.



“It’s the 21st century,” contends Femi. “[the internet] is a tool we can all access…we all use it for buying products, personal use and so on…why not use it for learning?”


So park yourself in front of the computer while enjoying a cuppa: it could be the best investment you ever make.

Adam Lewis  is Innovate CV’s Chief Operating Officer. Innovate CV  is a free and interactive new generation CV that makes creating, editing, distributing and tracking a CV a simple and straightforward process. Innovate CV
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