Give Yourself A Job Search Break

Give Yourself A Job Search Break

I just need a break.

It’s no wonder so many job seekers feel like this at some point.

I just need ‘someone’ to give me a break.

We look externally. Sometimes we need someone to recognise our potential. Sometimes we need extra support, sometimes we need a little luck.

Most of the time though we need a break from ourselves. From the pressure we put ourselves under, from the anxiety we carry.

It’s obvious why job search is so stressful. We need so much. The money, the security, the hope for the future and for some, the identity it gives us.

It can feel as though we are under a spotlight as well meaning friends and family ask for updates and give advice. It’s no wonder our self belief is under fire at a time when we need it most.

This is all normal.

The internal voices we hear and the emphasis we give them can effect our success.

Mental strength is in our ability to be good to ourselves in our time of need.

To lay off when we are low or disappointed and to cheer on when it’s time for action.

It can be life altering the difference self support can make. A very simple but often difficult thing to do.

Give it a try. Give yourself a ‘break’. Just for one day tune out that inner critic. Start humming in your head when you start chastising, smile. For the day don’t listen, let it go.



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  • Interesting article Sarah. As a fellow recruiter I can relate to the feelings of despair people feel looking for a job in the current economic climate. Particularly in my experience these feelings are often harbored by well qualified professionals who have high self expectations.

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