Holiday Over? 10 Of Britain’s Best Paid Jobs

Holiday Over?  10 Of Britain’s Best Paid Jobs

There are two big times in the year when people think seriously about changing jobs, usually Aug/Sept after the summer holidays and again after Christmas / New Year.

If you have just returned from holiday, that break for some can mean a more dramatic decision than just wanting to change jobs – it can be a complete career change.  Each individual will have their own reasons for wanting to make a change, but if the recent economic woes and squeezes to household incomes are anything to go by, I bet money will be amongst the Top 5 reasons for many people.


I noticed an article last week by about Salaries, and having taken the latest data from the Office For National Statistics, it seems average salaries for full-time employees have only grown by 0.3% (2010 compared with 2009).  The ONS annual survey is a collection of a whole host of data which can be accessed here if you are happy to trawl through pages of Excel spreadsheets, and is compiled every November.  Fortunately, the article summarises them really well, and if you are looking to change career for financial reasons amongst others, this could be a great read.


Considering the CPI inflation rate stands at 4.40% currently, and average incomes only rose by 0.3% in 2010, there has been no increase in incomes at all, but a tighter squeeze on everyone’s spending power.  That 0.3% rise in monetary terms by the way is just £100, so the average full time salary of £25,800 in 2009 rose to just £25,900 in 2010.  Even those at the top of the income scale (Directors & Chief Executives) according to the ONS saw dramatic pay cuts over the year, by up to 14%, but they still remain Britain’s highest paid.


The salary survey covered nearly 300 different professions, and I thought it would be really interesting to see which professional jobs out there paid the most (on average) in the UK.  Although it was Directors and CEOs of major organisations that saw the heaviest pay cuts over the year, authors & writers saw the biggest increases – on average by 15% to £25,522 pa.  We are not talking the level of JK Rowling of course who has a net worth of £620m, and Author/Writer salaries are still below the average UK full time salary, but it is a rise nevertheless.  Big losers seem to be Credit Agents and those who work in Travel Agents (pay cuts of around 13-14%).  So, if you want to improve your earnings potential, here are some of the best paid jobs the UK has to offer:


Top 10 Best Paid UK Jobs By Occupation (2010 figures)


Corporate Managers & Snr Officials – £70,000 pa

Medical Practitioners – £69,989 pa

Police Inspectors & more Snr ranks -£55,077 pa

Mining/Energy Managers – £53,403 pa

Financial Managers – £51,905 pa

Air Traffic Controllers -£51,609 pa

Health Professionals – £49,981 pa

Brokers - £48,769 pa

R&D Managers - £47,089 pa

Public service admin professionals – £45,933 pa


Please remember that these are only UK averages, so you will need to bear in mind that some people will earn more than this, some will earn less, and the location of the job and industry sector may also affect the salary quite widely.


Another good resource I found on the internet to check if your salary is market rate is payscale, a website which uses salary data entered by those visiting the site.  You can use the site to check whether you are being paid the average salary for your profession, and to make the result more accurate you also have the option of entering other key information – how many years experience you have, employer name, company size and location of your job.  I don’t know how accurate it is personally, but it could be a useful tool if you think you are under-paid.  If you are over-paid, it may also confirm that you are probably best to stay where you are!


If you are job hunting and serious about moving, do check out your current ‘worth’ as you can then use this information to negotiate job offers further down the recruitment process.   As summer is now drawing to a close and you think you need a job or complete career change, some of the professions above might interest you.  Either way, let’s just hope the next set of UK employment figures from the ONS are good so you have some jobs to apply to.  We don’t want them mirroring those from the US last week – zero net jobs were created in August (ouch)


Best wishes

Leslie Fearn


Leslie has over 15 years Recruitment experience helping blue-chip corporates to SME businesses recruit for their Finance teams.  As one of the founding Directors of McGinnis Loy, a Specialist HR and Finance Recruiter across the Thames Valley and London, he is still actively recruiting in the marketplace today.  Follow his helpful tweets on Twitter: @McGinnisLoy


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