How To Follow Companies And Jobs On Linked-In

How To Follow Companies And Jobs On Linked-In

It is so hard keeping up to date with the latest hi-tech gadgets, mobile devices, software add-ons and new website features, that most of the time I get lost in it all.  However, I feel I am pretty much up to speed with Linked-In, which like Facebook and Twitter who have constantly evolved over time, has made dramatic improvements over the last six months, and is testament to their ongoing success.


One feature which became available earlier this year and should really interest you as a job seeker is how you can now ‘Follow’ companies that you may be interested in working for.  From a job hunting point of view, this can make your whole search a lot easier and free up more time for you.  If you read my post a few weeks ago about how to search company-own career sites for job vacancies (you can read my post again here), this actually gives you a more automated way of staying on top of everything.  By using this new feature, Linked-In notifies you when new people have been recruited at a company, who has been promoted or recently left the company and what vacancies they are currently recruiting for.  For those of you who have a list of companies you would specifically like to work for at some point in the future, this is a great facility you can use and set up in a matter of minutes.


With 75 million professional users and growing, Linked-In is one of my favourite social media sites, and the new ‘Follow’ feature allows you to stay on top of events and new developments as they happen in any of your target companies.  So, once you have done your company research (see my post here about how to do company research) and have selected those you are interested in, how do you actually follow such companies ?


It can all be done in just 4 easy steps as follows:


  • On your home page in Linked-In, enter the name of the company you are interested in, in the top right search box


  • Use the drop-down menu next to the search box and select Companies (default you will see is People), then press the search button


  • If the results page shows a whole list of companies with the same or similar name, click on the one you want, and you will come to the ‘Overview’ page of the company you are interested in


  • Press the ‘Follow Company’ link that is on the right hand side of the overview page


Any new events and activities relating to your chosen company will now show up on your Linked-In home page.  Once you have set this up, you can also click on the Settings option which enables you to customise and choose what type of updates you want to hear about that are specific to a company, and how often you want to receive them.  You can choose to be notified when:


  • Employees join, leave or are promoted
  • New job opportunities are listed
  • A company profile is updated


This is a really positive and useful feature that Linked In has done in my opinion, and something you should certainly consider using, especially if you have pinpointed potential employers you would like to work for.   Do let me know how you get on and if it works for you.


Best wishes

Leslie Fearn

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