Job Search Basics

With the current climate it’s too hard to get a job right?

No, it’s not impossible to find a new job and give yourself the new challenge and change you deserve.

Stop listening to generic job search information and general news fear mongering. The market is different for each location, industry sector, skill set and pay band and what’s more it’s constantly changing and evolving. This means no headline directly applies to you and your situation.

You can learn all the tools you need and rediscover the skill sets you have within you.

But I can’t sell myself!

You can and I can show you how, so let’s kick off with:

What Are You Looking For From Your Next Role?

The top 5 things every Recruiter wants to know about you

Coping with the silence, the common reasons your CV is rejected, The new CV, do I need a cover letter?

Interviews: prepare your research with my Ultimate Interview Checklist, relax let the Recruiter interview you  .The one simple tip to double the feedback you are getting.

Increase your chances of success by putting your ‘why’ into your answers and use the biggest advantage you have under your control.

It’s been a while since I landed my last role and the rules have changed haven’t they?

All ‘learnable’, for example, working with Recruiters will depend on whether they are an agency, in-house or web based.  Here’s my take on understanding the differences and getting the best out of your agency relationships. It’s good to understand what an agency isn’t as well.

I don’t have the time for the job I have already, let alone finding a new one!

I hear you. How many times have you heard – looking for a new job is a job all by itself. I can teach you how to maximise your effort and get faster results, how to automate your search and even get your next job to find you.

Let’s face it – time is precious, so can you really afford to be wasting it in a job you hate?

Get started with three steps to an organised job search.

I don’t want to rock the boat, I’m lucky to have a job right now.

That’s the best time to start. Read here about the perfect candidate situation and why no motivation is needed. Don’t ignore that niggle; it can turn into something much bigger. I don’t call feeling sick to your stomach every Monday morning lucky. It doesn’t have to be this way. Do not leave it too late and remember, when you are looking, the Boss doesn’t need to know.