Karma And The Job Search

Karma And The Job Search

Good recruiters know that Karma is king.

The candidate may become or be the client and the savvy consultants out there never distinguish between the two.

When I first started in Recruitment I let this golden rule define me and believe it helped launch and maintain my own business years later. Candidates have referred others, recommendations have been made, my creditability raised, relationships built and strengthened, personal job satisfaction and direct business given – sometimes years later.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t purely give to receive; those I strive to help aren’t indebted to me. It just works.

Now this post isn’t meant to be an advert for my “helpfulness”, more of an acknowledgement of how powerful kindness can be and a reminder to treat everyone how you wish to be treated.

I am regularly amazed at how small the world is and how smaller it appears to be getting with social media. Everyone has connections.

With this in mind it is essential therefore that you maintain a professional approach when dealing with everyone you come into contact with from Receptionist to Director. This is not always easy; the trauma of job searching can wear at your patience and fray your nerves. Human interaction can be difficult at anytime and so especially fraught for someone out of work, or in a work situation they are desperate to leave.

Recruitment Consultants are not the most popular of people. Truthfully many deserve your scorn and derision. Bad experiences and stories to make your toes curl always travel quickly and there are always plenty of them in circulation. Yet when dealing with recruitment agencies do not make assumptions based upon your impressions of recruiters in general, or tar them with your previous experiences. I know that’s difficult sometimes and yet every relationship has to start somewhere.

Defensiveness is one of the main reasons many candidate communications breakdown. The recruitment process involves questioning and selection, if you are one of those who get very defensive when asked questions, it’s going to be particularly tough.

You need to keep emotion in check throughout all forms of communicating as well. Email is extremely tricky, tone is sometimes very difficult to pick up and with the anxiety that can surround the job search it’s very easy to get your wires crossed.

Let Karma also rule your networking. Give a little, get a little. Volunteer information (where you ethically can) answer questions, give recommendations and always give a genuine thank you and you’ll be surprised just how much more you’ll receive in return.

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