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Once More With Feeling…

Once More With Feeling…

I have touched on this in previous posts but it keeps coming up time and again in my interviews and so: Once More With Feeling:


Why do you want the job!


Please don’t tell me because it’s permanent and local. Of course I wouldn’t you reply indignantly and yet people do.


Imagine I just asked you what attracted you to your current or last partner? How flattered would they be if you said it was because they conveniently lived next door and offered you financial security?


It may sound obvious and you’ve heard it all before but employers do want to know – and are hard to convince- that this is genuinely the role and organisation for you.


Whatever the economy experts say, right now the majority of volume applications received are from people affected by redundancy, contracting or been out of the market for a while. I need to be reassured that I won’t be recruiting for this job again in 12 months when your future is looking brighter? You need to give me that reassurance.


How do I do that? With effort on your part. You must do your homework. Take a look at Les Fearn’s post on company research. You have to demonstrate an interest in the organisation, be loaded with observations, questions and a thirst to know more about them that surpasses the remuneration on offer.


Show excitement! Lord Alan Sugar saves people with passion on The Apprentice, where is yours? Reflect on how the role’s duties and the company’s culture meet your needs, both now and in the future.


The same applies to your chosen field- Why Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Sales, Medicine, Administration, Consulting and so on. Avoid the generic clichés. Ok so you may have fallen into it, but why stay? You may have started a relationship as a friend set you up on a blind date, but please don’t tell me you’re together years later based on habit?


You still think this doesn’t apply to you? You might not make the obvious remark about just wanting a permanent job, yet, how many times have you commented you want a role in a good company that will develop you further? That’s what they all say, it’s generic.


Be observant, notice your partner’s new haircut, comment on something unique to them, show them that you care. Take an interest in the company and they will be interested in you.

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