Say Hello To The Elephant – Interview Nerves

In my experience almost everyone will feel nervous on some level during the selection process. It’s perfectly natural and the extra adrenaline can help us perform on the day. However, nerves can also get in your way making you behave and react differently and in some cases unable to respond at all.

One good way to help yourself to relax if nerves are getting the better of you is to openly acknowledge them. Say hello to the elephant in the room. It may have been a while since your last formal interview or this could be your first, you may have loads of experience but on certain occasions feel more anxiety than usual as the opportunity is important to you. The interviewer is human (well for now anyway?) By admitting you are feeling nervous with your reasoning (if appropriate) from the outset, they make relate to you better or cut you some slack. Of course they may do neither, yet by simply bringing it out into the open many candidates have felt a relief that has helped them to relax and enabled them to respond better during the rest of the interview.
Just yesterday one of my candidates said she felt nervous talking about herself but confident when discussing her particular area of expertise. Yet no-one knows your capabilities better than you. When she looked at it this way, she could draw confidence from the fact that she did know the material and that preparation would help combat her unease as her particular brand of jitters stemmed from ‘fear of the unknown’.
If you don’t know why or where the apprehension has come from don’t sweat it. Being hard on yourself will not help. Put your confidence on like your suit in the morning. On that note dressing your best will also help you feel better about yourself and in turn project more confidence.


So if your nerves are getting out of control remember, acknowledge them, prepare, dress to impress and go for it.

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