Terms & Conditions

These terms are to ensure you get the most out of our sessions (telephone calls or face to face meeting) and to ensure that the process and communication is clear between us.


Cancellation  and Call Times


You need to give a minimum of 3 days’ notice of change or cancellation of a session. This must be done via email and receipt confirmed. Failure to give notice and miss a session will be considered taken.

All sessions should normally be taken within 6 weeks of each other and within four weeks of payment. This maximises the relevancy, usefulness and success of the sessions.

Each session lasts 45 minutes unless otherwise stated.

Please call me at the appointment time on the number given on the confirmation email. I cannot extend our session if we start the call late.

If you are more than twenty minutes late, then I will assume you have missed the session.


Payment and refunds:

Payment for the whole coaching programme is taken at the start through Paypal.


Refunds may only be given before the first session has been taken and only within 3 days of purchase.


About the sessions:


I cannot guarantee you a job.  I will review your current situation and identify different potential courses of action and give tailored advice and guidance for the issues that are the most relevant to you. These hints, tips and techniques come from my 14 years hands on recruitment experience.


I recommend you call from somewhere quiet and private so you can concentrate and take notes.


You will come away with an action plan to help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.