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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things (Posts)

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things (Posts)

I’ve loved creating and writing approach the market. Since I started it in 2010 I’ve met some fantastic people, got involved with a great local charity, had some wonderful collaboration opportunities,swopped stories, debated the classics like what makes a good CV and should you write a cover letter and one of my definite favourite moments was winning the UK Recruiter’s Recruitment Blog of the year, for which I am eternally grateful.

I’ve amassed quite a few posts now, so if you’re new or just fancy a quick click through, here are some of my favourites along with some of the most popular:

Recruitment Agencies

Agency Recruiters Are Not

CV Racing

Get The Best Out Of Working With A Recruitment Agency

Top 5 Things Recruiters Really Want To Know

Cutting Out The Recruiter

My Personal Top 3

Have We Met Before?

 Three Scientific Facts To Getting The Job

Lies Aren’t White Or Little In The Job Search

Popular with the Readers

The Ultimate Interview Research Checklist

What Are You Looking For From Your Next Role?

How To Find Language Jobs

ALL 100 Of The FTSE100 Company Career Sites

How To Cancel A Job Interview

Popular with Accountants

Top 25 Accountancy Practices In The UK & The Job Search

10 LinkedIn Groups For Finance Professionals

So What’s next…

I think it’s time to change up a gear this year, with exciting projects in the pipeline providing practical step by step actions to help you get exactly what you want, so watch this space.

I’m also currently doing my own navel gazing at if you are interested in learning more about yourself and finding out what it is you really want.

You tell me

Of course if you want me to cover a particular problem or topic I’d love to hear from you.

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