They Did What!? 14 Things Not To Do In An Interview

They Did What!? 14 Things Not To Do In An Interview

This week’s post from me is a bit of a sanity check. The last couple of months have been manic, applications are up and we’ve seen some frustrations and heard stories beyond belief. Funny or not all of these things have actually happened.


So 14 things not to do in your job search:




  1. Include your Family portrait or coat of arms (family crest) on your CV / Resume.
  2. Run out of petrol. Make sure you fill up your car before heading out to an interview. This will stop you from getting stranded on the M4 motorway.
  3. Have a flat battery. Prior to a telephone interview on your mobile make sure your battery is charged.
  4. Forget your contact details on your CV / Resume.
  5. When leaving a voicemail message say “Hi, it’s me, call me back”, remember to tell us who you are.
  6. Fail to attach attachments  on email (OK , hands up I’m guilty of this sometimes)
  7. Lie about how you filled your 6 months career break with global travel. If you then get offered a position that needs security clearance they will want to check your travel reconciles with your passport. You will have some explaining to do and potentially lose the job if you were really sat on your sofa. What wouldn’t have been an issue now is; you lied.
  8. Take a family member with you into an interview.
  9. Experiment with a drastic new look such as deep tan, primary hair colour home dye job, goth look the night before your new job starts.
  10. Chew chewing gum continuously throughout an interview.
  11. Pull out of an interview 24hours before it’s due to happen. Especially not five minutes before and via email.
  12. If you are a recruiter, post your full CV on a job board if you don’t want the office to know you are looking.
  13. Apply for an 80k position if you have just graduated and have no work experience at all.
  14. Use sarcasm on your CV or during an interview. Humour is tricky especially with people you don’t know.

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Sarah Cooper has over 14 years Recruitment experience gained in both an internal and agency environment. As one of the founding Directors of McGinnis Loy Ltd, specialist Finance and HR Recruiters, she is still actively recruiting in the marketplace today. Follow her tweets @approachmarket


  • Love this list, especially number 9 (which I was guilty of once after going for a very short haircut!)

  • Thanks Emma, I have committed some serious hair crimes in my past so couldn’t possibly comment. Roly from Eastenders 80′s spiral perm – need I say more.