Traditional Media And The Job Search (Part II)

Traditional Media And The Job Search (Part II)

Regional & Local Newspapers – England

Following on from my post last week about using National newspapers and the Broadsheets for job hunting, this week I want to concentrate on Regional and Local Newspapers, specifically for England.


One of the greatest assets Regional and Local newspapers have for job seekers is they only advertise roles for the geographical area that they represent.  Therefore, for those people looking for roles specifically within a county or town, these are an ideal resource to use, as well as the other methods we discuss here at


As I discussed last week in Part 1 here, with the advent of social media resulting in an advertising decline for traditional media, using the online version of a newspaper can be a quicker and a cheaper option for you.  If there is no online ‘job’ section available though, you will need to get yourself an original copy of the newspaper.  In the geographical areas that McGinnis Loy operate (Thames Valley & London), the number of pages allocated for job adverts in the Regional press has certainly declined, but they are still a great source of job opportunities.


I have provided below a list of the regional and local newspapers for England, and where possible provided links to the online version of the paper which will take you direct to the jobs section.  This should save you some time having to search around the whole home page to find the information you require


The list of publications below are courtesy of Wikipedia, and if I have missed any newspapers from the list for England, please let me know so that I can add a link to them for future reference.


For local newspapers in England, of which there are over 350, it is best to visit the Wikipedia site here as it lists all of them.  As listing 300+ titles in this article would make the post way too long, look down the list for your own town / city, and then do an internet search to see if they have an online version of the newspaper, then try and find a ‘jobs’ link from there.


This is the second post on Traditional Media and The Job Search, and next week I will focus on the Regional & Local Newspaper market for Scotland and Wales.


Regional Newspapers – England



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Leslie has over 15 years Recruitment experience helping blue-chip corporates to SME businesses recruit for their Finance teams.  As one of the founding Directors of McGinnis Loy, a Specialist HR and Finance Recruiter across the Thames Valley and London, he is still actively recruiting in the marketplace today.  Follow his helpful tweets on Twitter: @lesliefearn


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