Venture Capitalists: A Potential Career Choice

Venture Capitalists: A Potential Career Choice

If you have not thought seriously about which industry sector(s) you would like to work for, now would be a good time to do so, as some are performing much better than others.  Many people I interview give me names of individual companies they would like to work for, but they hardly delve deeper to find other businesses in the same industry sector.  It is certainly worth doing this, as more thorough research means there are likely to be other businesses you could add to the list which you may not be aware of. 


One of the most popular sectors has always been Financial Services, be it the retail banks, investment banks or fund management groups.  Despite the turmoil hitting the UK and the Eurozone currently (and the bad public feeling about banks), one reason I believe there is still such interest in Financial Services is that they still pay very well and offer good benefits compared to some other businesses.


One of the micro-sectors within Financial Services that hardly anyone talks to me about are the Venture Capital companies – no one I know has ever considered them as an option.  Strange really, because for professional and senior level job seekers in the Accounting, Legal, HR and IT fields (and those seeking Director or Non-Exec posts), a Venture Capitalists door is certainly one worth knocking on.


With stock prices at a lower point than even just a few months ago, it seems some of the Venture Capitalists are coming into their own by helping to address the business lending void, pumping cash into SME companies that banks just won’t consider. I constantly hear how the banks are still on a “go-slow” when it comes to lending, despite what Mr Osborne and Mr King may say. Add into the equation the Europeans, who are scurrying around with their own financial woes trying to calm the wider market, and it doesn’t look pretty out there.


For job seekers however, this sector is sure to be one that will continue to grow. Anyone with skills in Mergers & Acquisitions, JV Accounting, Stockbroking, Asset Management, Legal / Contract Negotiation or Corporate Finance expertise would do well to research opportunities within this sector.  Venture Capital businesses can be very large companies in their own right, some operating as private businesses and some publicly listed, such as 3i, a FTSE100 constituent (or was until September). 3i is still one of the most recognisable investors here in the UK, having started over 60 years ago and now manages assets worth more than £12billion and investments in 110+ companies.


Making equity stakes in a whole variety of businesses in different sectors, VCs often take a board-level appointment at their investee company as part of the financial deal.  Job seekers at Senior Manager / Director level with in-depth business skills could well be an asset to them. Working in Finance recruitment myself at McGinnis Loy, I often advise Finance Directors and CFOs looking for new roles to consider VCs as a future career path alongside other companies in mainstream commerce & industry.


Many of the larger VCs that you could consider are listed below – hopefully this will give you a head start with any further research you may wish to do. As many VCs are now writing to their investor community asking to support more fundraising so they can inject that cash into UK PLC, now could be a great time to consider this sector for potential job opportunities.


Accel Partners

Advent Ventures

Albion Ventures

Amadeaus Capital

Amati Global

Atlas Venture

Augmentum Capital

Balderton Capital

Bridges Ventures

Committed Capital

Delta Partners

DN Capital

Doughty Hanson

Eden Ventures

Fidelity Growth Partners

Foresight Group

Hamilton Bradshaw

Kennet Partners

Mangrove Capital Partners

Matrix Venture

Maven Capital Partners

Nordic Venture Partners

Notion Capital

NVM Equity Partners

Octopus Investments

Oxford Capital

Pentech Ventures

Polaris Ventures

PROfounders Capital

Scottish Equity Partners

Shore Capital

Wellington Partners

YFM Equity Partners


Best wishes

Leslie Fearn

Leslie has over 15 years Recruitment experience helping blue-chip corporates to SME businesses recruit for their Finance teams.  As one of the founding Directors of McGinnis Loy, a Specialist HR and Finance Recruiter across the Thames Valley and London, he is still actively recruiting in the marketplace today.  Follow his helpful tweets on Twitter: @McGinnisLoy


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