Why am I doing this? How to get the passion back in your job search

Why am I doing this? How to get the passion back in your job search

When job searching we can sometimes just focus on our immediate needs. I need money. I need to get out of my current situation. I need a new boss. I need a better commute. I need more time with the family. I need less stress. I need a change.

Understandably those needs begin to drive us and we start to become blinkered.


Just for a moment. Think about what elements of your current job or old career that still hold interest for you. Which have potential to develop and what do you still have energy for?  What is positive about your environment and culture.

What would your ideal picture look like with all of those elements included?

The next time you apply for a position, take a call with a recruiter, attend an interview, remember those elements.

Share those positives. Show your desire to move towards a role that meets them. Demonstrate how the position you are applying to meets some or all of those elements.

Reconnect with your job role and the passion will come through.


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